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EPICS 9.16 is now available for download. Contains 7 wishlist items including 5 top-ten, and 16 new features and enhancements. New Quality Check Module.

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This module is an optional EPICS Enterprise Edition add-on that provides several enhanced features:

  • Supports barcode scanners used to scan packing tickets as they are loaded onto trucks
  • Groups and tracks multiple orders for multiple customers by truckload
  • Prints Manifests and Bills of Lading

The heart of the Enhanced Shipping Module is that it allows you to assign orders to shipping picklists. You can scan for active sales orders using a variety of parameters. You can quickly locate and group all orders destined for a specific region into truckloads.

The grouping of orders onto picklists may be performed immediately after orders are posted, immediately before shipment, or any time in between. Once orders are assigned to shipping picklists, you can easily generate on-screen or paper reports that show you the production status of all orders that are to be shipped together.

You can expand the view of sales order items to see the detail of all tickets available for shipment. A "Scanned" checkbox indicates that a ticket has been read by handheld scanners used by the person loading the truck. This information is updated in real-time by software running on the scanners.

Once all tickets assigned to a picklist have been scanned, the Shipping Module allows for one-click posting of shipping for all sales orders on the truck. You can then print/email manifests for these orders.

Note that the Enhanced Shipping Module does not include scanner hardware, nor code to drive any specific scanner. Your company will need to purchase scanners that fit your needs, and then you or your supplier will need to program the scanner to connect and communicate with EPICS. The Enhanced Shipping Module includes a separate program library file (.DLL) that can be used to link to the EPICS database from your wireless scanners.